The Perfect Summer Cake

Hello, my friends! Long time no talk!

I have not been baking very much recently, but a couple weeks ago was my mom’s birthday so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get back into baking cakes!

My go-to recipe book lately has certainly been the Layered book by Tessa Huff. I absolutely adore that book. The cakes are beautifully decorated, the directions explain all the steps very easily and there are many tips provided for troubleshooting. It is certainly a wonderful book if you are looking for something to help you get into baking cakes. The book is fabulous for beginners but certainly, provides some challenges for the more experienced baker.

I handed my mom the book and told her to pick a cake, any cake! She gave it a look through and came up with what I believe is the perfect summer cake! She chose a coconut, mojito cake! YUM. This cake was super light and refreshing, it wasn’t too sweet thanks to the mint and rum flavours.

The process was relatively simple. This cake consisted of a lime cake, coconut rum buttercream, rum, mint & lime syrup, lime filling and a minty sugar to garnish with. The cake batter was really simple, especially thanks to my stellar helper, zesting all the limes 🙂 (I learned that zesting limes is one of my least favourite tasks) The lime filling and simple syrup were little side tasks that I completed while the cake was baking. The lime filling is certainly not essential to this cake and if you try out this cake and are looking to cut out extra steps, the lime filling would be easy enough to go without. However, I must warn you that without the filling, you would be seriously missingout. The filling gives this cake an extra punch of flavour that my whole family really enjoyed! Making the sugar mixture was the easiest part– just mash some mint leaves, zest ANOTHER lime and mix it with some sugar and set it out to dry. Once all the components were made, it was time to put it all together!

First up, drown the cake in the simple syrup to keep it moist! Then begin to stack the cakes, adding the lime filling in the layers. Slap on a crumb coat and let it chill. After 10 or so minutes, begin the final coat. The best part about this cake is its rustic finish. I just ran my palette knife around the cake a few times and played with the icing until I was happy with the result. To finish it off, I sprinkled the sugar around the edge and stuck in a few mint leaves to give the cake a little extra something! And there you have it!


The PERFECT summer cake!! Happy baking friends!

Until next time,

Emily Grace.


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