MORE CAKE!!!!!!!!

Good evening everyone!

Guess what time it is…if you guessed cake time; you are correct!! This week I returned to my tried and true method of learning how to make cakes, YouTube. More specifically, A Spoonful of Frosting’s channel.

This week I re-created her Rustic Wedding Cake. It is an almond cherry dream and and it is delicious! I’ve made this cake once before and it tasted really good, but did not look very good 😦 So obviously this time I wanted to up my game. I also had the added pressure of selling this cake… one of my friend’s saw the cakes I have been making and asked is she could buy one from me to use at a party she was hosting. NO PRESSURE EM! Here is the video and instructions I followed to create this cake:

I clearly did not decorate mine like that as I only made a single tier cake and my cake was not a rustic themed cake either. I really like how she embeds her recipes right into the video. Some videos I’ve seen just list the ingredients in the description box but I MUCH prefer it when creators include their measurements in the video so I can just listen along as I work instead of having to constantly check for computer for measurements. She is very thorough when describing each of the steps and includes a video clip for each step as well which is extremely advantageous for visual learners like myself.

Once I had the cakes, icing and cherry compote made, I needed to decide how I was going to decorate. I did have a bit of an idea in my head, based on something I saw on Instagram but at the last minute I changed my mind.

I instead opted for a sky blue drip with peanut m&m’s. The chocolate ganache recipe I used is found in this video. I learnt that you don’t actually need a specific recipe to make this yummy yummy stuff! Just ensure your chocolate and cream are in 3:1 ratio and you’re golden! For example: 150g of chocolate and 50g of cream! EASY! I am very pleased with the improvement I’ve seen in my drip cakes. After my first attempt, I was a bit nervous to try another drip but I am SO glad I did. It is super easy and makes a cake look very nice in my opinion. I certainly still have some things to learn like how to avoid little bubbles in the ganache as well as trying different drip techniques.

Here is a video of the drip I made on my cake:

Once the drip had set, I piped a 8 dollops of frosting and topped each one with an m&m. Then I decided it was still needing something so I added a border of m&m’s around the bottom and that tied the whole cake together!

and TA-DA!! Here it is:



My dollops aren’t exactly perfectly spaced out…

In the end, I’m pretty happy with the final product. I need to be more careful when piping my dollops to ensure they are evenly spaced out though. They ended up being pretty uneven. I plan on making one final cake this semestre but it will certainly NOT be the last cake I make. I have grown to love baking and decorating cakes and hope that it is something I will continue to grow and and challenge myself with. Have you enjoyed your learning projects this semester? Will you continue them after you finish ECMP? Let me know!

Until next time,

Emily Grace


6 thoughts on “MORE CAKE!!!!!!!!

  1. ms.sonen says:

    You’re cake is beautiful!!! This looks very challenging to make and I think you were so very successful! I hope that after this class you continue to blog about your cakes because they are wonderful.

    I have definitely enjoyed my learning project, but I feel like there is still so much more to learn!


    • emilygiesbrecht says:

      Thank you very much!! They are have become simple to create now!! I plan to continue to blogging about my cakes, but we shall see. I totally agree, there is still so much to learn!
      I’m glad to hear that you have enjoyed your learning project, I think this is such a neat assignment!

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