Investigating SEESAW

Hello everyone,

This past week in ECMP355, we were talking about different formative assessment tools. We were playing around with quite a few and frankly, it was very entertaining! Some of the tools we explored were: Socrative, Poll Everywhere, Mentimeter (we looked at this specific tool in a previous week but I figured I would throw it in the list anyways) good ol’ Kahoot, Peardeck, Plickers (this one is especially interesting because the students do not need devices themselves, just papers that will be scanned by one device–super cool!) and Seesaw. Seesaw especially peaked my interest. After briefly playing around with it in class, I wanted to discover more about it. For those of you who may be unaware, Seesaw is essentially a place where students have their own digital portfolios that they can operate. Students post their own work, parents can view that work and teachers can evaluate where their students are at. Positive online interactions between students on these posts fosters strong digital citizenship growth.

It was then that I remembered that a grade one teacher in Regina I follow did a post WAAAAAY back in December about Seesaw. She blogs about more than education, but on Tuesdays she puts up a “Teacher Talk Tuesday” post. Since she is a grade one teacher and grade one is the grade I would love to teach in the future, I find what she has to say very relatable and helpful. Although her Seesaw post was not super in-depth about the tool, she gave a really unique insight to what teachers and students think of the tool. Here is the video that she shared in her post as well:

After going back and re-reading her post, I decided to do a little more digging to discover what others were saying about this tool. This website provides readers with a very clear cut explanation of what Seesaw is and how it is used in the classroom. VERY helpful for teachers who are doing some initial research about this tool. This website provided readers with actual teacher reviews about the tool which are extremely valuable resources to have access to. Hearing from teachers who have had positive or negative experiences with the tool are all important things to consider before using it in your classroom. The reviews appear to be overwhelmingly positive, certainly encouraging news for future teachers or teachers considering implementing this tool in their classroom.

Personally, I think Seesaw is a fabulous resource for students, teachers and parents in the classroom. It is empowering students to take initiative to share their successes in school with parents and teachers. It also gives parents a close-up look at what their children are up to each day. I love that teachers can view the submissions and give feedback as well as completing their own formative assessments of their students. If I have the resources in my future classroom (tablets or some kind of device for the children) I would love to incorporate Seesaw into my teaching practice, especially after hearing how successful the grade one’s in TeachMeStyle’s classroom are at using this tool!

What do you think? Is Seesaw something you can see yourself using in the future? What other kinds of tools would you use to complete formative assessments? Let me know in the comments!

Emily Grace.


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