What’s Animoto all about?

Welcome back friends!

So this week our task was to investigate a ed tech tool that we were unfamiliar with. With absolutely no background knowledge, I randomly chose Animoto as my tool of choice. all I knew before entering the website and giving it a try, was that it was a website or app to create videos quickly and easily.

I downloaded the app on my phone and I also tried it out on my laptop to see how the tool performed on different devices. I opted for the free account because I was not too keen on paying for anything special at this point. I thought that if I ended up liking it, this app could be something that I can pay for in the future.

I started exploring on my laptop first and I discovered that it is extremely user friendly!  I first went to pick a video style for my video. I noticed that many of the different options
were restricted to premium users, however, there were some very nice free ones as well. There was a specific Classroom category which I thought was pretty cool and allows teachers to create some interesting videos for their students while still ensuring a more professional look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.37.57 PM

Once you have selected a style, you are given MANY music options to choose from. There are so many categories of music to choose from. To name a few: Babies, Birthday, Corporate, Fashion, Halloween, Personal and Wedding. Again, a specific Education category was provided. YAY!Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.55.20 PM

After the music was selected, you were taken to what I would call the main video editing tab. This is where the photos and video were added to the template. You can add text to any of the photos or videos. Also, none of your previous selections were set in stone. You always have the option to go back and select a new style, song or text.  They added a logo or you could upload your own logo if you wish to make you videos look more put together. I did not notice this option on the app. Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.35.34 PM

You were able to move the photos and videos around in any order you wish. I did not notice a place to adjust the duration of the photos, however I could have just missed it. I also did not like that there was a watermark on the video. In order to remove it, you have to upgrade.

Here is the video I created on my laptop, using the website:

IMG_3678Now it’s APP time! (I wish that said nap time…zzz) I almost preferred creating on my phone rather than my laptop, only because it was so much easier to add photos to the video. The various styles and music were all on one page so it was easy to complete those tow steps fairly quickly. On the app, only the free video styles showed up so it felt like there were more styles available to the user.


Captioning the pictures was very easy as well. All your selected photos showed up on a page and when you tapped on one, it got larger and allowed you to type what ever you wanted.


Overall, it was very similar to the website, I just was using a different device to create my video. Here is the video I created with the app:



I am a creature of habit and I am very familiar with iMovie so personally I think I would opt for that program over Animoto only because I am more familiar with it. If you are curious about iMovie, one of my classmates wrote a blog post about it and you can read it here.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this tool. It does what it says, it creates beautiful videos very quickly and easily. However, when creating a quick and easy video; there are some sacrifices to be made. You cannot alter the duration of a picture (as far as I know, please correct me if I’m wrong), the free account is fairly limited and watermarks are placed on your final video. If you are looking for a tool to help you create detailed and specific videos, I would say that this is not the app for you. With that said, I think it would be a very beneficial tool for teachers to make use of. I can imagine teachers using this as a quick into into a new topic or to introduce a new lesson. This could also be used to create an announcement video to send out to parents to keep them in the loop.

What do you think? Do you think Animoto is a tool that you might see yourself using in the future? How would you use it in your future classroom?

Emily Grace.


7 thoughts on “What’s Animoto all about?

  1. taylorharder says:

    I am glad you had a good experience with your edtech resource, Emily. I just wrote my blog post and now after reading yours I realize ours are quite similar (I did Powtoon). We looked at the same issues (user interface, if it would work on mobile devices). I didn’t have a good experience with Powtoon though. It took so long between clicks that I gave up on my Intro slide. It just frustrated the heck out of me that I couldn’t test things out. It took long enough to choose one option and at that point I was like “OK I am just going to leave it like that!” It said it would not work on my mobile device either. I like your idea of incorporating your learning project into the assignment. If I come back to Powtoon tomorrow and it has shaped up, I think I will make a photography-toon from my learning project.


    • emilygiesbrecht says:

      Shoot, sorry to hear that Powtoon didn’t quite work out for you 😦 Now I’m curious to try out Powtoon, even though you do not have very high praise for it haha! Hopefully you find some other tools to use for presentations in the classroom!


  2. anilakanwal says:

    Thank you for sharing this tool. To tell you the truth, i have not used any movie making tools yet. But I’ll try that one out. But if end product has water mark then it would be not good choice when you have low budget…


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