Using ClassDojo in the Classroom

This week, Kaitlyn Schmidt and I teamed up to create a parent-teacher conversation regarding the use of ClassDojo in the classroom. Read on to see how it all worked out!

Parent Email to Teacher:

Dear Miss Schmidt,

I am the parent of Katy in your grade 2 classroom.

I was reading over the form you sent home regarding ClassDojo and some concerns and questions arose. You say that this program will be a way for you to keep in touch with the parents, as well as sharing some of the student’s work and things going on in the classroom. What are the restrictions and how is privacy set up? I do not want my daughter’s picture posted on the internet for anyone to see. Who will be able to access these photos of my child?

Please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Emily Giesbrecht


Teacher Response to Parent:

Dear Mrs. Giesbrecht,

Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding ClassDojo. I understand your concerns about privacy. For our purposes in the classroom, none of the posts will be available to people outside of our classroom. Only other parents of the students in our classroom will have access to anything that is posted in this site. Any time we post a picture with students in it, only the parents of those students will receive a notification that a picture has been posted. Each parent has their own username and password, there is not one universal access code allowing others access.

If you are not comfortable with me posting pictures of Katy’s face, I will be sure to only take pictures from behind her and post those. That way, no pictures of Katy’s face will be on the site.

In the future, we are planning on adding student profiles, allowing them to update their own work for parents to see. This will allow them the freedom to chose what work they want to share with others. Students will have access to comment on other student’s posts. In class, we will practice leaving positive and encouraging things on peer’s work. Allowing students to have their own profile will contribute to the development of digital citizenship.  If you are not entirely clear on what digital citizenship is; here is a website dedicated to explain the concept:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

Here are some resources for additional information if you would like:

Thank you,

Miss Schmidt


Parent Response to Teacher:

Dear Miss Schmidt,

Thank you for addressing my concerns regarding ClassDojo. I would appreciate it if you only took photos of Katy from behind so her face is not posted. I will take a look at those resources and if another concern arises, I will contact you.

Thank you,

Emily Giesbrecht




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