A Valentine for my Valentine

Welcome back to my baking journey! This week I decided to bake something Valentine’s themed seeing as Tuesday was the special day! However, my valentine and I did not get to celebrate until Thursday; hence the late post.

I attempted to make a cake like this one a few years ago but I did not experience much success so I figured I’d give it another go. A heart-shaped cake covered in roses, sprinkled with pearls is what I was going for. A chocolate cake with mini Reese’s in the middle is the perfect combination for my dear valentine. šŸ™‚

The chocolate cake recipe comes from A Spoonful of Frosting (are you surprised??) Here is is:

I used the recipe for the cake batter as well as the buttercream. Ā I was planning on making the peanut butter filling but in all honesty, I completely forgot so I put an entire bag of Reese’s in the middle instead. That’s a fair trade-off right?


The middle of my cakes had fallen in slightly.

Sticking with the Valentines theme, I baked my cakes in two heart pans, how cute!! However, the middles fell in a bit but in the end it didn’t really matter. Also, after I let the cakes cool and attempted to remove them from the pans, I kinda broke them. Ooops. But again, it didn’t really matter in the long run. I just wrapped them up tight in some plastic wrap and left them in the freezer overnight.

For my crumb coat, I kinda “cheated.” Instead of mixing up some homemade chocolate buttercream, I noticed that I have 3 cans of pre-made chocolate icingĀ Ā and I opted to use that for the crumb coat instead. I found that crumb coating a heart-shaped cake was much easier than I was expecting. I might go so far as to say that it was easier than a regular


The completed crumb coat.

circleĀ cake. I placed all my mini Reese’s in a heart shape in the middle of the cake and plopped the second layer of cake on top. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the middle of the cake. #regrets. While the cake was chilling, I whipped upĀ some vanilla buttercream that I coloured pink with Wilton’s gel food colour in light pink. I have heard that using gel vs. regular food colouring is superior because the gel does not change the consistency of the icing. I didn’tĀ notice a difference with buttercream icing but I made some flooding icing for the sugar cookies I made and I noticed a difference with that icing.


All ready to pipe!

I covered the entire cake in buttercream roses which may sound extremely difficult but in all actuality, it was the easiest cake I have decorated so far. I wanted to jazz up my pink frosting a little so before I filled my piping bag with icing, I used a paintbrush to paint 3 streaks of red gel food colour. I looked up a tutorial to give me an idea of how to do a two-tone icing and found this one. Then I just filled my bag with icing and went to town piping roses. I used a Wilton 1M tip create the roses. I just held my piping bag vertical and applied even pressure and made a swirl and ta-da! Here’s a video of me decorating the cake:

That’s it! Once the roses were piped, I sprinkled some edible pearls all over the cake to add a bit of an elegant touch and I was all finished!


Close up of the roses


How cute!!

I am very pleased how this cake turned out, I love the two-tone icing. I think it really adds to the cake. Plus, it was super-duper easy!! BONUS!! My valentine really enjoyed the cake, his favourite candy is Reese’s soĀ needless to say, the middle was his highlight.

Do you guys have any tips to avoid fallen cakes? I usually rely on my bake even strips but they let me down this time. Let me know your thoughts? Also, would anybody be curious to see a blog post where I give you a run down of my favourite tools and little tips I have learnt that have helped me decorate my cakes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Emily Grace.


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