Who does the internet say I am?

The emerging concept of digital identities is fascinating to me. The idea that we can construct an alternate identity of ourselves and post it online is so cool! (I sound like a grandma but seriously, it’s a strange concept to consider) I’m not entirely convinced that people on the internet set out to create an completely fiction version of themselves; but I do believe that people want to but their best foot forward so posting their “best selves” on social media is a way of doing this. However, this leads to a whole new predicament of comparison and people not portraying their true selves. This can be very dangerous when people seriously believe that what they see on social media is 100% truth. People need to remember that they are seeing just a snapshot of someone’s life. However, this is not what today’s post is about. That was just some word vomit I felt I needed to share with my readers.

Before I began this class, I do not think I had a digital identity of a teacher. I am a second year transfer student into the education program. Prior to this class, I did not ever take it upon myself to work on creating a digital portfolio for my teaching. However, I did make a Teacher Pinterest board, so that kinda counts right?? But that’s about all I got. So when I reflect on my own digital identity as a teacher, I envision a work in progress. My identity is slowly emerging.

When I google myself on an incognito window, this is what I see:



My Facebook is the first thing to pop up when my name is googled with Regina in the search bar. At a first glance, anyone can see that I am attending the U of R and went to Lumsden High School. Both of my twitters come up (WHAT?? I have two?? yes, I decided to keep my “fun” twitter separate from my professional one.) And you can clearly read that I am pursuing a career in education. That LinkedIn account is not mine, so I don’t know why that is showing up; it’s certainly not contributing to my personal digital identity. Then of course my blog comes up, which at the moment the bulk of my teacher digital identity. Then some of the articles and roster from my softball team from last year appear. The roster says I am studying education so that could potentially contribute to my teacher identity.

So if someone were to cyber sleuth me, they would discover that I played college softball,


My team from last year


Can you find me??

went to LHS, Briercrest and the U of R, they would know that I am pursuing elementary education. Thanks to my profile pictures, they would discover many physical qualities of mine. Overall, my google results are seem pretty professional so my emerging teacher identity does not seem to be in any peril with weird, random, “non-teachery” results. I believe that there is plenty of potential for growth here as well. My digital identity is a pretty accurate depiction of who I am in real life as well. My digital identity is not really IN YOUR FACE, just as I am in real life. Pretty laid back and relaxed. Everything you can find online about me is true so yay for accuracy! Go me!

Do you think your digital identity reflects who you really are? If you think it is different, to what degree does it vary from your real life? HMMMM… Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!

Emily Grace.



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