The Adventure Continues

Good evening all!

The adventure continues as I dive head first into the world of twitter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not “new” to twitter, I have had an account since I was in grade 9. However, I maybe tweeted once a year and was hardly involved in my feed. Twitter was not my social media of choice, Instagram was always my #1! But now I’m in ECMP355 and am expected to try out twitter for the semester. (Help.)

I thought I knew the in’s and out’s of twitter but I was humbled very quickly. I was a professional at following and liking tweets but that’s really all I needed to know how to do. Now, everything has changed. I have spent the majority of this evening scrolling through my new twitter account, looking for different accounts to follow to get this twitter ball rolling. If I’m being honest, I found Katia Hildebrandt’s twitter, (my professor) and went through who she is following to get me started on who to follow! Thanks for the help getting started! To begin, I followed some YQR teachers, different ED Tech accounts and some future educators. I barely scratched the surface of what’s out there but I think that’s all the twittering I can handle for one evening.

In the past, my twitter was just a place to me to follow some food accounts, funny memes, a few celebrities, and my friends from high school. Clearly it was an intellectually stimulating environment… am I right?!  But I have decided to give it another shot! And this time I plan on being engaged and using Twitter to its fullest capacity! Through sharing resources that I come across in my education journey to connecting with other future & current educators and and exploring different ways to incorporate Twitter in the classroom. I love the idea of using it as a tool of communication for the parents. It would be a wonderful way to keep the parents up to date with their children’s learning by tweeting a “topic of the day” or some of the activities that were completed throughout the day. This is something that I would like to do in my future classroom. Doing this also allows other educators to be inspired by what my classroom is up to, supporting the ever-growing network of teachers! Although I may not feel 100% confident in my abilities to navigate Twitter, I look forward to learning from it and becoming fully involved in all of its potential greatness.

In the meantime, why not head on over to my account and perhaps giving me a follow? Then maybe I will be able to relate to this meme, 5 follows!! Woohoo! Big day in the twitter world for Emily!


Until next time,

Emily Grace.


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