Taking a Step Back

Good afternoon everyone!

So last week I very quickly realized that my skills were not quite ready to tackle full-blown cakes. My icing was a bit sloppy and not the right consistency to pipe. So this week I decided to scale back and work on different piping techniques.

I have so many different piping tips that I have accumulated over the past few years but I have tried very few of them. Every time I would go into Michael’s or a baking store I felt the need to go and browse the baking section to find another tip that I “needed” but would never use… So needless to say, I have plenty tips to try out! The tips may even bring my cakes to the next level. (That’s the goal anyways.)

I went through all my tips and picked out the on that looked the most interesting and went to town. My goal for this session was to learn how to pipe roses with the Wilton 104 tip, (turns out I do not have one… ), however I did find a 102 and 103 tip and attempted the rose with those tips. I wanted to discover the best way to use each one of the tips I tested. I was aiming to achieve something like this, with my tips displayed beside each different piping technique.

I watched a few tutorials on how to pipe a rose and a violet and the two I found most helpful were these two videos:

As per usual, my attempt was not as successful. I blamed it on the icing being too warm and runny. It was not holding its shape as I would have hoped. But that just means I get to practice more! My roses especially were not as successful, consequently; there is no picture.


After my failed attempt at piping flowers, I began testing my different tips. I laid out a large piece of parchment paper and did all my practice on that surface.


All the different tips I tried out (excuse the boring icing colour)

After some experimentation, I discovered my favourite tips were Wilton’s 106 tip because it made flowers very effortlessly, Wilton’s 225 tip because it too made super easy flowers, Wilton’s 352 tip because piping leaves is so much fun, and finally Wilton’s 363 tip because it created very cool and clean-looking (for lack of a better word) blobs. You can be sure that you will be seeing those guys again soon in some of my future creations!

Today I learnt that I need to work on my optimal icing consistency for piping, also that flowers are hard but they also can be really easy if you have the right tips!

That’s all for now, see you next time!

Emily Grace.


4 thoughts on “Taking a Step Back

  1. Sarah Munro says:

    Emily, this is such an awesome idea for the learning project- I love it! Keep up the good work & I look forward to seeing what you are able to make!


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