Welcome to the world of blogging, Emily!

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog post (almost) ever! I did a little bit of blogging in high school for an english class but I don’t count that.

I am a future teacher, studying elementary education at the University of Regina. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in grade 2. I loved my grade 2 teacher and made it my life goal to be just like her when I grow up! As I have grown older, my passion for teaching and interacting with children grew along with me and I’m more excited than ever to get into the classroom!

However, I can’t get into the classroom without being prepared and educated so that brings us to now. I am taking an Education and Computers  course (ECMP355) to learn more about the different tools that are available to us as educators. There is so much value in this course, especially these days when children are becoming more receptive and dependant on technology. I am really looking forward to learning about many useful tools for the classroom! I am probably the least technologically advanced person around, I just can’t seem to figure it out! So hopefully this class will help alleviate my frustrations in regards to tech! I’m a bit apprehensive about blogging, it is certainly out of my comfort zone but I’m sure as I become more familiar with the site, it will become lots of fun!

In regards to my experience with educational technology, it is extremely limited. I honestly have never even created a prezi presentation. WHAT?? I know, I said it was limited! Last semester I was in a grade 2 classroom for my field placement component of my ECS class and that has been my only exposure to technology in the classroom thus far. The class was set up with an application called Class Dojo and I thought it was super neat! It was a space where the teacher could communicate with the parents and share the student’s work. It was also a way to motivate the students by awarding dojo points when students are engaging with the practices of the classroom. I also used Flipgrid with the students. This application allowed the teacher to set up a video for the students and the students were able to post videos as a response, in a private community of course! My cooperating teacher asked the kids to count by two’s and the kids would video themselves counting. Later, the teacher could go through and see the student’s progress thanks to the videos! And that’s it! So this class is going to be super handy for me to learn a bunch of new tech!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with me as we journey together to a place of technological competency! Woohoo!


Accademia d’Arte & Design Leonetto Cappiello Flickr via Compfight cc

Emily Grace.


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